“None of us understand what we’re doing but we do beautiful things anyway.”

I love telling real stories that matter.

When I was 20, I decided then I wanted to be a journalist. But not just any journalist – I wanted to be the journalist that inspired change and transform a nation.

Innocent and idealistic, I pursued my ambitious goal incessantly. From glossies to print to radio to television to digital, all while taking advantage of the technology wave that disrupted audiences and forced news organizations to reshape how and where they delivered information. I loved it. Every day was literally a new day with new people from all walks of life. I could be anywhere from a military takeover in risk of getting tear-gassed, to a sea of beaming crowds in New York reporting live on Obama’s official announcement that Al-Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden was killed in a raid. For a total of seven years, my heart felt like it was constantly in my mouth from the thrill of being part of history as it unraveled, seeing everything firsthand.

But one day I woke up feeling spent, and still living in a world that didn’t really change all that much – corruption was everywhere, access to proper health and good education was still nonexistent to the impoverished, and the list of woes goes on. I was disillusioned, jaded and financially poor. I no longer recognized myself in the mirror and my passion for journalism was weary.

I pursued building on other skill sets in the digital, e-commerce and marketing space, staying close to anything and everything that could remotely be classified as ‘content’ (because all content have stories, back stories, and other renditions and versions…). I slept proper hours, in an actual bed (good-bye makeshift bed in crew cabs and OB vans), worked standard hours, at a desk with a computer, and had evenings and a weekend free to spend with friends and loved ones. I didn’t look back.

I also didn’t really know where I was going or where I should be headed, let alone what I needed to do to “get there.” But maybe that’s a good thing because you (un)knowingly awaken dormant parts of you by getting out of that comfort zone and doing things you never imagined you were capable of. All I know is: this is where my story begins…



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