5 lessons we can learn from ice cream

When I was still in my Mama’s belly, she ate bowls and bowls of ice cream.

She craved it throughout the day and would easily chew on 10 or 15 scoops and finish them before any had a chance to melt.

And I probably couldn’t be happier with this arrangement – bathing in flavoured swirls of ice cream, floating around in pure bliss for nine months…heaven. I was a happy baby with a blood type of glucose positive.

Needless to say, I love ice cream and it has been a constant in my life. Here are five things ice cream has taught me.

Know your identity.

We all know that the best types of ice cream are the ones that don’t try to be so many different things. They have their own defining characteristics that make them the way they are: condensed milk in creamy popsicles, more milk and less air in gelatos, no milk in sorbets, some milk in sherbet, frozen yogurt, the lactose free and even more probiotic kefir, the dense kulfi made from water buffalo milk, or plain whipped vanilla ice cream and so on and so forth.

Take some time to sift through the confusion and identify your own values, principles and virtues. Once all of these things become clear, you’ll find a deeper sense of Self and purpose. You will be amazed at how much easier it is to make those tough calls, and life decisions become more natural and powered by intent.


Discover your flavour.

Over the years, ice cream has spiraled into a frenzy of strange flavours; some of which might even challenge your palate. A few are for an acquired taste, some are not for everyone, and most are tolerable.

The same thing applies to ourselves, and the people we meet. You have at least two decades to find out what keeps you sweet, turns you sour and sets your ass on fire. Make peace with this and set boundaries. Respect yourself and everybody else roughing it out in one way or another – they too have their story.


Choose your toppings wisely and moderate them regularly.

Fresh fruit, nuts, syrup, gummies, rainbow sprinkles, (un)baked goods – there are just so many to choose from!

Toppings represent the groups of people in your life. Figure out which ones go well with you and truly bring out your unique flavour and start picking out the ones that just take up space and avoid the ones that make you nasty. Make time for the important people and always give yourself some space to breathe. Remember, toppings are lovely add-ons. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed and lost in the mix.


Make do and deal.  

You can’t keep an ice cream out for too long. It’ll melt, lose its texture and shape, and frankly will taste like crap cause it’s all runny and warm.

Life will throw you all sorts of curveballs and lemons and turn the heat up like it is hell. Toughen up. You will have perfect days and you will have days looking gross and feeling gross – it’s normal. Suck it up and always do your best with what you’ve got. Learning how to be versatile, adaptable and resourceful will help you build resilience.


Find your comfort.

Science proves that ice cream tickles your brain. It’s not crazy talk that ice cream = happiness and instantly makes us feel better when we’re sad.

Do yourself a favour and find the little pleasures that make you happy. Treat yourself from time to time and celebrate your little wins and big triumphs. Develop self-compassion and be kind to yourself.



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