How to kick your post-holiday blues in the butt

It’s that time of the year: you’ve had an amazing break and now it’s all over.


You’re sat at your desk, scrolling through unread e-mails but can’t be asked to read any of it cause you just.don’


I feel you. But you need to snap out of it and get back to the daily grind. Here are some things I do that work for me:

  1. Clean the house

Unpack that vacation bag (if you haven’t already), tidy your stuff and start de-cluttering if you need to. Mess causes stress and you will feel so much better in a clean and neat place. Last year, I picked up a few tips from Marie Kondo on organizing things and while organizing, I learned a few things about mindfulness.

  1. Create an inventory of what needs doing

Start with the small things – did you pick up your mail? Pay your bills? Need some grocery? Make a list of those things you need to do and get through as much as you can to slowly get in the groove of things. By ticking these items off, you’re creating some headspace for things you need to start doing for work. I find writing things down helps to keep my thoughts in check.

  1. Ease up on the social and spend some QT with friends

If you’re kinda anti-social like me, it’s tempting to stay home and wear your sweatpants all day and stalk peoples’ newsfeeds and troll your friends. Put the phone down or close that browser window because nothing beats hanging out in person with your great friends. Schedule a walk, play some board games, go for a meal, do some catching up and rack up the LOLs!

  1. Populate your 2016 calendar

When I was young, my dad always told me to think ahead and do ‘advanced work’ for school. He said by doing this religiously, you do things with more intent and precision, and ease into new things and subject matters quicker and with anticipation. Admittedly, I was inconsistent about it then (maybe that’s why I was never a scholar like he was…) but on the whole it’s generally good advice to start practicing planning and thinking ahead.

When are the next holidays? What does the next few months look like for you? How do you want to spend 2016? Pencil in things you’d like to do, places you’d like to go, goals you want achieved and work backwards on how to make it attainable.

  1. Get started on a new book

I’ve always been a bit of a bookworm and bookstores make me instantly happy. It’s my form of escapism and there’s nothing like cranking the a/c up, crawling under the duvet and reading a good book; or sitting in a comfortable seat at a quiet café and reading for an hour or two.

These sites publish great book recommendations:

BBC Culture – If you want to check out monthly selections that are fresh off the press

Stylist or Bustle – If you’re looking for books based off a mood, or feeling, or season

Good Reads – If you want an algorithm to decide for you based on books you’ve read and enjoyed in the past, or check out what your friends find interesting

As for me, I’m eyeing the New York Times’ 10 Best Books of 2015 because frankly, I’ve never heard of any of the authors featured on the list and I’m really curious of their work.

  1. Drag your ass to a fitness class

You will feel so much better after a workout. I can be a real lazy girl but honestly, staying cooped up in the bedroom won’t cheer you up. I don’t do gyms – the type where you are left to your own devices with machines you haven’t got a clue on how to use. I prefer taking group classes like Xtend Barre, circuit training or martial arts where there is a sense of community and great, positive people that help lift spirits on a crappy day. I promise you won’t regret it. 😉




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